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Simple Nail Art DesignsSimple nail art designs are easy to achieve once you manage to practice a simple skill by using single color nail polishing and simple color combination. It would be harder if you want to add more color to your nail. Adding other design will increase the difficulties thus you should plan your nail appearance based on your ability. Once you use color combination on your nail art you are entering certain difficulties to create a real stroke for your color border. Creating a clear border of your color combination can be difficult based on borders style.

Use wavy borders on your nail to add more style to your nail appearance. This style is commonly used vertically and the wave can have different color and looks slim. You can also use wavy stripes on your nails. Wavy stripes have simple nail art designs appearance but it is quite difficult to create. Such design will require your patience and skillful hand. Straight stripes have similar appearance but easier to apply. It is good to see the straight stripes done diagonally than any other way. Use several tools that can help you to draw your design. Toothpicks and busted things may be useful for your design idea.

This idea of stripes can be much better if you use several nail polishes that have certain effect when you apply it, learn the real effect of such nail polish on your hand and put your creativity with it on lines design. With this idea you can achieve 3D wave on your hand. Straight lines have several ways of modification. Braided nail basically uses the idea of straight lines with three nail polishes. Zebra pattern or maybe tiger is also created with the same idea of simple nail art designs in lines and straight pattern; although you may find difficulty in make the design looks real.

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