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Sulfur burps is the natural process of the body in which air or gas is released from the stomach and esophagus through our mouth. Burps 3 to 4 times after meals is still considered normal burps. However, if the burp is too excessive, painful, or even done at the same time with stomach acid, then certainly there is something wrong happening in the body.

sulfur burps

Although burps is actually a normal phenomenon experienced by every human, but in terms of social ethics, burps with hardened voices in public places is one of the actions that are considered impolite and do not know how to behave. There are a number of interesting facts about burping and its relation to the health of the human body, the following seven:

Fact 1, there is a special health disorder known as supragastric burp, a person who swallows a lot of air unwittingly, causing too much sulfur burps or excessive burp. To treat such disorders, behavioral therapy is usually performed on the patient.

Fact 2, there is also another condition known as gastro paresis, where the abdominal muscles become partially paralyzed and unable to process the food perfectly. This causes the concerned will often burp.

Fact 3, a person may also have a nausea disorder if he has swallowing problems due to a sore throat or other illness related to a throat disorder.

Fact 4, if you realize sulfur burps with unpleasant odors, it can be a sign of a problem with the digestive system. Immediately consult a doctor by telling you the symptoms you are experiencing.

Fact 5, if frequent burping is done at the same time with unknown weight loss because of apparent and loss of appetite, then you need to be vigilant because it can be a sign of esophargus cancer (esophagus). Tumor cells that develop in the esophagus can also cause frequent burping.

Fact 6, if burping is often up normal limits can also be a sign of stomach acid disorders. This if not treated immediately will cause acute inflammation.

Fact 7, in some cases, people who have undergone internal abdominal surgery and there is one part of the intestine removed, then most likely the person cannot burp at all.

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