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The Ballet is a type of dance originating in Italy, which later developed in France, England and Russia. Ballet is a dance that requires a lot of physical ability and especially technique, so much practice is needed. This dance has its own vocabulary, each movement or exercise has a specific name. Regardless of the technical level you encounter, the moves are made in the same order, what will change is the level of difficulty and the sequences of each of them.

Steps to follow:

  1. Plie . The plié is one of the most important ballet movements made in the bar. It consists of a knee or knee flexion, which serves to make the muscles more flexible and pliable and tendons more elastic. There is the demi plié and the grand plié, which consists of a less or more pronounced flexion, respectively. It is said that one knows a dancer when seeing its plié.
  2. Tendu . In this movement, one of the legs is stretched to the side, in front of or behind the body. Pull the leg in the desired direction, dragging its foot. The heel is raised first, then the sole of the foot, keeping the tip of the foot resting on the ground.
  3. Jeté . The name of this step means thrown, thrown. In jeté the dancer shoots the leg with energy, always stretched. It is as if it were the tendu, but with more energy and with the feet off the ground. There are several types of jumps, big (grand jetés) or small.

Source: Wikipedia.org

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