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How much are silicone babies probably is one of the questions which come to your mind when seeing reborn dolls. Technology has made the dolls to look completely similar with the real baby. This doll is not only perfect for those who want to have baby model and also often used by the healthy service provider as the model when teaching to newly mom on how to take care a baby. Since it is not a real baby, the main advantage of it is the baby will be young forever. Besides, the silicone material used also allows the baby to be easily cleaned.

How Much Are Silicone Babies

The reasons of silicone babies’ high popularity

Some people might be thinking that this doll is popular due to movies. However, there are several factors which actually contribute to its high popularity. The perfect model look of baby is known to be one of the main reasons why people love this doll very much. Every detail of its body truly represents the real baby. For those who still don’t get any baby, this doll offers similar experience to newly mom.

This doll sometimes is used to recall memories on how to take care of infants. The real look of this doll is obtained since it is used layer of paint which reduces imperfections such as red patches. How much are silicone babies also can be affected by this layer as well since there are a number of reborn dolls which include 30 layers of paint. The doll maker often makes it in details on each layer it does not only look perfect but also high in durability. With many layers featured, this doll can be easily cleaned with wet cloth.

The price of silicone babies

The price of silicone baby doll for sale might vary based on the online vendors which sell it. However most of them are quite expensive since the making process require time as well as produced by trustable companies and experienced doll makers. Talking about the nominal, this doll is commonly sold from $23.99 to $300 although there is several custom dolls with price more than $500. The number of equipment used to make the doll as well as its uniqueness is other factors which affect the price. For example, silicone baby with are designed with more details such as micro hair will be more expansive compared with similar doll which use wig. That is one of the examples if details affect on how much are silicone babies.

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