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Integrated security solutions should include video camera surveillance and other security systems such as intrusion alarms and access control on a single platform. An integrated security system will be increasingly in demand as it offers more functionality such as Smart Analytic Surveillance and user-intuitive. Currently, you may still adapt the system separately. They stand alone and have not connected to each other and influence each other. Although this is a job that requires high qualifications, but technological developments increasingly allow the integration of security systems to be realized by IT control monitoring system. Some important factors for choosing integrated security solutions are as follows.

Interoperability. How lucky if you can use the same brand to be guaranteed connections. However, many causes that make you faced with the situation must choose a different brand. And if that’s the case, choose a compatible product that works well with other brand devices. This can be achieved with open architecture or using standards that are shared by hardware and software manufacturers. For example the Open Network Video Interface (ONVIF) standard is agreed to ensure interoperability across all system security devices. Integration requires commitment and expertise of system integrators regarding protocol standards from Security System products in order to work well for customer needs.

The next factor is collaboration. Need to check a brand or manufacturer that has a history of project collaboration with other brand manufacturers. A good brand also usually has partners involved in system and application development. Check the list of partners on the product website, whether the partner has a big name and consistent in the security system industry. This will guarantee your choice is the right product, reliable and ready for future development.


Then the next factor is technical support. This means that a global brand or producer from abroad will support and support system integrators in Indonesia. Can be said integrator system is the spearhead of the producers. Producer support to them will determine which products will be accepted by the market. Manufacturers of the brand must be available to support the security system installation needs of different cases, in this case usually support warranty, documents, firmware, and technical references to system integrators to successfully implement the installation project in the customer. Manufacturers and system integrators should ensure that each device component effectively plays an integral role to the system as a whole.


The last factor is cost. Often there are additional costs of newly discovered devices when the security system must undergo addition, development, and maintenance. Be sure to check this with your consultant or system integrator so you can get the best integrated security system solution that suits your needs.

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