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cargo carrier for bikeBasically, there are two main places for the cargo carrier for your car. They are on the rear and also roof of the car. You don’t need to be confused as both of them have good benefits depending on your needs. You can choose one of them or even you can buy both if necessary as long as they are easy to assemble. Roof-mounted hitch cargo work is on the roof and it needs roof rack to install. Not all cars come with roof rack, so many car owners may need to buy the roof rack first before installing roof-mounted hitch cargo carrier. It applies in rear-mounted cargo carriers. It needs the hitch first and then you can apply cargo carrier, no matter it is in form of bag or boxes.

They work differently. When you have got roof rack, they will give you tow bars and they are parallel that will go from front to back in your roof and also two bars that will go from side to side. Thus, you will have options like baskets of luggage where you can bring bikes, surfing board, kayaks and others. You will also get cargo boxes where they usually come with waterproof feature. And the last option is cargo bags. While in rear-mounted hitch cargo carrier, you will need the hitch first. It is usually interchangeable.

Hitch is just like cargo try that might seem like roof rack but it comes with sturdier frame that can slide. If you need the bigger one, you may need adapter for it. Some of rear cargo carriers also come with various shape and types. What you have to see when you are going to choose the rack or the hitch is to make sure things you want to store or bring along in your travelling, If you need wide space for storing stuff, then choose the right size for it.

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