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When you or anyone is suffering from the disease Hay Fever Rash, there are some important notes that must be considered or scrutinized in the problems related to the intake of nutrients such as what is prohibited to be consumed by people with the fever. Because, until now there are still some people from certain communities who are “desperate” to consume some foods and drinks that should not be consumed during a fever, usually due to lack of supervision from the family and also can not control the passions to refuse the food and drink that became the craze of the person with the fever.

The foods most often get the attention or criticism from every doctor for those who suffer from Hay Fever Rash is with the emphasis of not eating foods that have a certain taste, both sweet, sour and spicy, also visit portalhealthy.com . For sweet foods, usually a person who is experiencing symptoms of fever is not recommended to eat something high sugar content, especially containing artificial sugar. In addition, asampun food should not be consumed by those who are suffering from fever because it can threaten their gastric acid levels for those complications with ulcer disease. Then, for anyone who has a fever it is advisable to stop eating spicy foods which can make their stomach ache and make their body temperature become uncontrollable.

Then, one of the drinks that are usually prohibited for people with Hay Fever Rash is to not mengomsumsi drinks that have a temperature that is too cold. This is because, cold temperatures contained in the drink will potentially cause symptoms of new diseases for the person, one of them is cough and cold. Drinks from bottles or contain lots of ice and soda are not recommended or allowed for those who are experiencing symptoms of Hay Fever Rash.

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