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What a woman eats and drinks during pregnancy is her baby’s main source of nourishment. So, experts recommend that a mother-to-be choose a variety of healthy foods and beverages to provide the important nutrients a baby needs for growth and development.

In addition you should also maintain the health and strength conditions of your body and the fetus contained in your body, consume a variety of healthy foods for pregnant women, not only for you, but also for the nutritional needs and nutritional needs of your baby. especially when pregnant, your body’s nutritional needs would be many times more as you live 2 lives, on this occasion I will help you young pregnant women to meet the nutritional needs of the body and your fetus, the following refer to the reviews:


This one food is very good for health because it contains high protein, but for those of you who may worry because of fat because too much eggs, you can outsmart by throwing egg yolk and eat egg whites only, because as we all know that The yolk is a source of fat or cholesterol high enough.

Not only protein, eggs also have a very high amino acid content, this amino acid is a content that can keep your body and your fetus healthy, vitamin D content in eggs also serves to meet your body’s nutrients, and is very good for brain development of the candidate your baby will be.

Fibrous Foods

In addition to protein, you also have to eat many foods that have high fiber content, fiber from grosir buah import is very important to maintain the smooth digestive system of the body, because if the body’s digestion is disturbed, you will lack of nutrients and nutrients that can harm your body and fetus, some foods has a high content and include fruits such as apples, mangoes, oranges and sweet potatoes and various other green vegetables.


Oatmeal has a high fiber that can prevent or overcome constipation problems that usually occur at the time of delivery later, but this food also contains natural wheat that can be used as a substitute for white rice.

Expand High Carbohydrate Foods

For those of you who have been eating white rice I suggest to immediately reduce it, because white rice has a high sugar content, but it can also cause drowsiness, this will be a problem when you are pregnant where you usually will easily tired and sleepy, the solution is to eating red rice instead of white rice, this is very good because the low sugar and carbohydrate content is also very high.

That’s some good food for pregnant women, it would be better if you are diligent to consult a pregnancy doctor if you want your pregnancy process fun and fluent, apply the above tips correctly.

In addition you also have to reduce a variety of foods that are not good for pregnant women and multiply drink water to make your body’s balance is always awake, do not drink soft drinks especially more than that because it is not good for the health of pregnant women.

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