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dell ultrawide monitorThere aren’t many companies that manufacture ultrawide monitors. But Dell, one of the leading manufacturers, is one of them. Most people think that ultrawide monitors are really expensive. But if they look at some being offered by Dell, they will know that they are actually wrong. Some of the options provided by Dell are actually quite affordable. The one that’s currently the cheapest is the 29 UltraSharp Monitor U2917W, priced at only $319.00. But cheap does not mean that this particular model is lacking features. This monitor has the capability of display high-quality sharp images, and an excellent 21:9 aspect ratio that allows its users to see more in a single place. When viewing Word document, for example, this Dell ultrawide monitor is capable of displaying 3 pages instead of only 2. This is why this model is best for work. The price is affordable, but it has all the capabilities to boost productivity.

Dell currently has several options for hardcore gamers looking to upgrade their monitor. One of them, the most expensive one, is the Dell UltraSharp 34-inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor U3415W. This 21:9 gaming monitor has a curved panel, immersive panoramic view, and the ability to produce images with WQHD resolution. And because this monitor is designed specifically for gaming, it also has 18W integrated speakers that produce superb sound. Priced at $800.00, this gaming ultra-wide monitor surely isn’t cheap but very affordable considering products from competitors in the same category are priced at over $800.00. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty so the users really have nothing to worry about.

It seems that Dell is trying hard to dominate the gaming market by manufacturing gaming monitors like the U3415W. But like it or not, the U3415W, which is the most expensive gaming monitor from Dell, is lacking features compared to gaming monitors from its competitors. It seems that gaming isn’t a suitable niche for this company.

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