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Times are changing and budgeting is becoming more important as large prices ensue. In saying that, a lot of people are not able to afford genuine leather furniture and also have had to settle for cloth furniture. It’s also great to understand that with the changing times, other quality choices have become available. Nepolite furniture is the newest craze in regards to leather-like furniture. It’s similar to leather but it’s significantly cheaper and also has longevity in usage.

Bearing that in mind, it is a different type of substance to leather and stain removal will have to be addressed differently.

Here are a couple tips on how to clean stains on Nepolite furniture.

Coffee and Wine.

These two drinks can cause havoc when it spills on your carpet but on a Nepolite couch, there’s a solution. Make a diluted combination of dishwashing liquid and warm water, then using a sponge wash over the wine or coffee stain to remove it.

Small Scratch.

A scratch on your Nepolite sofa could be heart breaking at first, but don’t worry. You can buff it with shoe polish that’s exactly the same color as the Nepolite. This will definitely reduce the small scratch.

Tougher Stains.

If you find that there are other stains on your furniture and you’re not sure what it is, you can still try to eliminate it. Although some stains may be more challenging to remove, you can try using ammonia based liquid lotion cleaner such as Handy Andy cream. It some cases it may get rid of the blot whereas in other cases it may just lighten them.

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You may realize that your toddler has drawn a line on your own Nepolite sofa with a pen. Now there is an ink stain in your favourite furniture. The truth is that you can lighten the stain but it may not disappear entirely. Although, a milder ink blot is far better compared to a dark blue ink blot. It is possible to use paint thinner to lighten the blot, but work very carefully, lightly and with very little paint thinner. Remember it is the blot you’re trying to remove rather than the color off the material.

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