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Series 7 799cc By Braun

There are those who prefer ease, versatility, and convenience, as well as those that favor the time required, cheap as well as closer manual shave. Past years, innovation has created electrical shavers to supply an enjoyable and positive experience in shaving. 1. Series 7 799cc By Braun This razor is so versatile given that it […]

Tips for Beard Trimming Guide

Many years ago, they were told that growing a beard was the natural thing. You only need to stop shaving. Where your bread was ended, such as in neck or chin was also nobody concern, at least that is yours. Then things are different, and people prefer to have more jobs and beard also required […]

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Braun Series 7 is a further shaver series from Braun brand. It has some improvements leaving Braun Series 5. As the father generation, this shaver series serves great performance with embedded advanced features. Braun always improves its quality and technology to create the best shaver. The Series 7 surely has distinct features and superiorities than the […]

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Braun Series 5 was arguably to be the most successful electric shaver in its era. It is regarded to be a benchmark of shaver combining comfort and performance. The Series 5 offers a shaver with interesting features. It is electric shavers filling the gaps between entry level shaver and advanced shaver. That is why it is […]