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Constipation and fecal impaction is not the identical element. Many human beings suppose that they’re the same. While they each contain the intestines, bowels and fecal remember, they are two special troubles that ought to be dealt with differently. Constipation is the time period used to explain slow moving feces or stool thru the intestines. […]

hay fever rash allergy

In healthy children and nutrition enough, measles hay fever rash rarely have serious repercussions. Some complications that can accompany measles, bacterial infections: Pneumonia and middle ear infections (otitis media), sometimes thrombocytopenia (decreased platelet count), so that the patient easily bruised and easy to bleed, encephalitis (brain infection) occurs in 1 of 1,000-2,000 cases, measles becomes […]

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hay fever rash

Hay fever rash that arises on the skin of children often cause concern to parents. The rash may be accompanied by fever or not. Rashes that are not accompanied by fever are most often caused by prickly heat or malaria. Discussion about malaria can be read here. While the rash accompanied by fever commonly referred […]

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Vertebrogenic cervicalgia is a pain that appears in the neck. It is also often accompanied by limited mobility of the neck muscles and is painful, may appear dizzy, blurred vision, and autonomic dysfunction. This is usually associated with cervical spine disease (trauma, herniation, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylosis, osteoporosis, etc.) and may become chronic. Order to establish […]

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floating ribs

When we talk about understanding floating ribs, human body (both male and female) have 24 ribs (12 pairs). This was first put forward by Vesalius in 1543 to resolve the controversy that occurred at the time. The heart, lungs, and liver are all very important, and luckily we have ribs to keep them safe. The […]

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sulfur burps

Sulfur burps is the natural process of the body in which air or gas is released from the stomach and esophagus through our mouth. Burps 3 to 4 times after meals is still considered normal burps. However, if the burp is too excessive, painful, or even done at the same time with stomach acid, then […]

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