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With all the rush of the 21st century and the amount of information we have online, it’s hard to know whether or not you leave your cat alone when traveling, right? As much as many people think that cats are independent and who need a little of their care, they need to YES a lot of care, attention, and someone to care for them. When we are tutors of dogs it is very common to use the hotel service or leave them with a relative or friend. With cats the story is completely different, they hate and suffer a lot if they leave home and stay close to unknown animals and people.

Some tutors choose to leave their cat alone at home, with water and food, and others choose to take the cat along on the road. This usually occurs because of lack of knowledge, do not know that it is dangerous for the animal and do not know other possibilities. Or because they do not trust anyone to take care of their pet. It is not at all easy to make the decision to leave your pussy at home alone or risk exposing him to a series of very stressful events. People unprepared for emergency situations, hotels that are not what they promise, the kitten ends up being lost at the airport or suffering during the trip …

So it is important that you make sure when you hire or ask someone to take care of your cat at least once a day. And, if you prefer to take the cat to travel with you (either by plane or by car), always stay within the requirements of each airline or the care to take the road with your kitten.

If you travel by plane with your pet and do not know what or how to bring, we can help you. We have an article here on the blog that speaks just about it. ” Can I take my cat or dog on the plane ?” May help you a lot at the time of boarding your pussy. Want to check it out? Click here !

Why is it NOT recommended to leave the cat alone when traveling?

Your cat is not much different from a child (they are our children too). The child HATES to leave home (unless it is in her best interest) and can not be alone at home, because it depends on you for various care and safety.

It has already been established that the best environment for the cat is undoubtedly his own home . Numerous studies and our own day-to-day knowledge have shown that cats get very stressed out (except a kitten who has been accustomed to it early). Changing the environment generates stress and a lot of fear in the kitten. It can even make you sick depending on the situation and the period you pass out. Besides that the cat can try to escape if it is taken to a totally unknown place and “dropped” there.

So the best option is to leave it at home. But ATTENTION : leaving you at home does not mean that you can leave your cat alone when traveling! It is necessary that someone of confidence (a Pet Sitter , for example) go daily to take all the care a cat needs: cleaning the litter box, changing the water and placing the feed. And also, it is super important that the cat receives attention, love and play a lot . After all he is very homesick for his parents and probably bored.

Food is the most important!

Cats need a very consistent routine, so any change, no matter how small, will already cause TREMENDO stress. Therefore, it is important that you keep your cat’s routine as normal and consistent as possible. The food issue, for example, seems simple. Many tutors think that simply leaving a lot of dry feed available in pots solves. WRONG!

Have you ever heard that saying “eye bigger than the belly”? Well, when you leave your cat alone when you travel, with no one to watch and administer your food, he can eat everything at once and starve himself later (remembering that cats that stay for more than 24 hours without eating have a high chance of frame lipidosis Hepatic ). We met several stories of people who did this, and when they returned from the trip, the cat was without food for days.

Some cats prefer moist food, which is really a great option for cats. Because it is moist, it helps in hydration and contains more protein. But, moist food needs to be offered in meals. It can not be left simply available for a longer time than the cat manages to eat. It will ruin, lose nutritional quality, and lose the characteristics that keeps the cat attractive.

With water it’s the same thing: cats always need fresh water and are quite demanding about cleaning their water. If the pot of water is dirty, many cats will simply not drink.

It also has the sandbox issue: AMAM cats have their litter boxes always well cleaned and may even stop using the bin if it is too dirty or not changed a few days ago. Each cat has a taste for the litter box and depending on the substrate (type of sand), more frequent care is needed.

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