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Running will not eliminate any problems in your life, but a healthy body will make you happier, right? It’s good to consult a doctor if you plan to follow a marathon, but if you just want to put a run into your daily routine, you will definitely feel a positive change in your body.

Running is a quick, easy, and free course for a healthier body. In addition to a pair of shoes, running does not need special equipment or gym membership cards. Excerpted from Brightside site on Thursday (14/4/2016), here are 9 benefits run regularly for you.

1. Run regularly will strengthen the heart, increasing the number of capillaries and red blood cells in the body. The heart as part of the muscles of the body will be stronger.

2. Muscle capacity to absorb oxygen will also increase. A heart trained with a running routine will pump larger amounts of blood per cycle. As the blood flow increases, oxygen consumption will also increase. All the tissues and organs in your body will receive more blood like oxygen and nutrients.

3. Run will help get rid of stress. The body has received a lot of ‘junk’ from nervous tension and fatigue in 1 day. To remove it from the body, you must sweat. This is where the importance of running for your body.

4. When you exercise, your body releases a special hormone called endoeefin or ‘hormone of happiness’. As the content of endorphins in the blood increases, you will experience a slight feeling of euphoria and feelings of depression disappear.

5. Brain activity will increase as well. When you are running, the brain will generate creative solutions to the problems you are facing. This can happen because of the intake of oxygen that helps the central nervous system, including the brain, to function more actively.

6. By running regularly, the immune system will increase as red blood cells and hemoglobin increase in the body. Running will also lower blood cholesterol, reduce hunger and improve your metabolism. This will affect the weight of the course will be reduced.

7. Running time is not too important. In the morning, your hormone level is higher than usual and running will remove the stress and fatigue from the body so it feels normal again. Running after coming home from office will also make you more relaxed, restore energy, reduce hunger, and make sleep more soundly.

8. A study found that running regularly will increase the regeneration of cells in the liver.

9. Familiarize yourself with running regularly will give positive effects of bone and joints in the body. It is also good for elderly people because it prevents degenerative joint disease.

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