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Cramps and abdominal pain are two types of health problems that commonly affect women during menstruation due to pressure and hormonal changes over time, but sometimes men will experience it if the problem is caused by germs and bacteria. Your digestive system is usually able to digest a variety of your favorite foods, but there are times when your “friends” can not do it for a variety of reasons.

Like for example when you consume a type of food that is difficult to digest, it will give you pain for hours and even can lead to inflammation of the intestine. That way, it is very important for you to always choose healthy food every time, especially when cramps or stomach pains start attacking you.

Cramps and Stomach Pain

Here are some foods that are good for your daily consumption and are able to help treat pain and cramps in the stomach. In addition, this list of foods also contains a variety of nutrients that are good for your overall health.


Rice is one of the top foods that can help your digestive problems, especially when you are suffering from abdominal cramps. In addition to being a favorite food for Indonesians, rice or rice also has anti-inflammatory properties, and contains enormous amounts of magnesium and potassium, both of which play an important role in treating cramps and reducing abdominal pain.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves are very useful in treating various kinds of digestive complication problems, including cramps and nausea. One of these herbs is able to reduce muscle spasms in your digestive tract and can help in various kinds of digestive processes in the stomach. You can consume mint leaves along with tea for better results.

Potato and Sweet Potato

Both sweet potatoes and potatoes are both excellent sources of resistance starch that can help remove various foreign objects in the body and soothe a stomach that is sick. Potatoes also have a high magnesium and potassium content that is useful in reducing cramps, along with vitamin B6 to reduce tension in the body.

But, make sure you cook it until cooked before eating, and avoid consuming with the skin. Although potato skin is very rich in fiber, but in the case of treating cramps and abdominal pain, you should still avoid it because it is very difficult to digest.


Yogurt can be a very good body regulator. Although basically milk can make your stomach ache more severe, But yogurt can give the opposite effect because it contains good bacteria for your intestines. The bacteria contained in yogurt can reduce cramps, bloating and helps in digestion. But if you choose to consume yogurt that is not derived from dairy products, you can enjoy yogurt made from soybeans, coconut, or almond milk. Also make sure not to add artificial sweeteners to it.

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